401(k) Rollover

What Are Your Options for Your 401(k) Traditional Plan Assets When You Change Jobs?

When changing jobs, you generally have four options for your traditional 401(k) plan assets: leave the money in your old employer's plan; move it directly into your new employer's plan; roll it directly or indirectly into a traditional IRA; or take a cash or "lump sum" distribution. Certain of these options may result in a sizable tax bill, while others can limit your investment choice and control. More important, different options can have dramatically different effects on your retirement savings.

To see the potential effect of each option on your current and future retirement savings, answer the following questions, then click Submit. After you review the results, be sure to consult your tax professional about your situation before you act.

What is your current plan balance?


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At what age do you plan to retire?

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  5. 75


Which approximate annual rate of return do you expect to earn on your investments?

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